Creates mandatory minimum sentencing guidelines for the possession or sale of fentanyl and its derivatives.

Assigns a low-level sentence of 1-6 years in prison (4-14 grams), a mid-level sentence of 2-15 years in prison (14-28 grams), and a high-level sentence of 25 years to life in prison (28+ grams).

  • Currently: Awaiting final vote from Governor Lombardo.

  • June 9: Enrolled and delivered to the governor’s desk

  • June 8: Sent for enrollment

  • June 5: Senate did not concur; Assembly did not recede from proposed amendment. Conference committees appointed in the Senate and Assembly for discussion; Senate concurred Assembly amendment, with additional changes.

  • May 29: First budgeting hearing; Ways and Means work session; Do pass, as amended. Third reading on Assembly floor; passed Assembly. Sent to the Senate to concur Assembly amendment.

  • May 26: Second reading on Assembly floor; Referred to the Assembly Committee on Ways and Means for budget considerations; declared emergency measure under Constitution

  • May 21: Received notice of eligibility for exemption from the deadline.

  • May 19: Assembly Committee work session; Amend, and do pass

  • May 17: First Assembly Committee hearing

  • April 26: Introduced to the Assembly for first reading. Assigned to the Assembly Committee on Judiciary.

  • April 25: Third reading on Senate floor; passed Senate. Sent to the Assembly.

  • April 24: Second reading on Senate floor

  • April 14: Committee work session; Amend, and do pass
  • April 10: First Committee hearing
  • February 6: Introduced to the Committee for first reading; referred to Senate Committee on Judiciary

  • November 16: Assigned to the Senate Committee on Health and Human Services via pre-file


Senate Committee on Health and Human Services


Passed both chambers


2023 Legislative Session

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