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January 19, 2024

LAS VEGAS - The Clark County School District on Thursday evening released bodycam footage from the February 2023 incident near Durango High School. The release of the footage was mandated by a Clark County judge in December.

ACLU of Nevada Legal Director Chris Peterson said:

“We’ve only done a cursory review of the footage, and we will need to review the bodycam video in-depth with our clients. It’s shameful that it took nearly a year for our clients and our community to see transparency from CCSD and its police force, and it’s now crystal clear from the footage that the narrative that the school district has been peddling, that its officers stopped these teenagers as part of some kind of firearm investigation, has always been an attempt to spin the events and avoid accountability for attacking school children. Bodycams were always meant to be a tool for the people to make sure our police are acting responsibly in our community, and moving forward, we will keep fighting for the other public records we’re seeking and considering all legal options for making sure there is justice for our clients.”

ACLU of Nevada Executive Director Athar Haseebullah said:

“The footage I’ve watched so far absolutely confirms everything our clients told us about the incident and highlights the bald-faced lies that the Clark County School District and its police department have been telling our community about our clients for nearly a year. Now these teenagers will have to reexperience this traumatic event through the media just for the sake of clearing their good names in the community. This fight is far from over.”

The Parents of M.W. (an ACLUNV client in this case) said: 

“First and foremost, we want to thank our Father Above for giving us a second chance at life. As a mother, to get a phone call that my 14-year-old was hurt by a school police officer is heartbreaking. This has not been easy for us. There have been so many sleepless and crying nights. Having to fight for justice for your child is life-changing, but no matter how angry we feel at times, God is our eternal light. We are doing this for all the children, and we will never lose or feel defeated again with God on our side. To have so many beautiful people in the community support us is something we will forever be grateful for.”

About the Case

The ACLU of Nevada is representing two students who were attacked by CCSD police in February 2023 near Durango High School. Cellphone video of the incident has been shared widely throughout the community — including before the Nevada Legislature — but despite persistent requests from the news media, community advocates, and even the ACLUNV attorneys representing the families, the school district has stonewalled the release of numerous public records related to the incident.

The underlying case is still active as the ACLU of Nevada is still seeking to have the district release email communications and more.