The ACLU of Nevada advances justice for people who have experienced discrimination, but we recognize we must do more to assist those in need of our support. Those who have experienced discrimination because of race, color, religion/creed, national origin, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, and/or any other attributes deserve our support when issues of systemic
injustice arises.

We continue to advance racial justice via a number of actions, including both litigation and policy efforts to address the systemic inequities that impact people of color in numerous settings. In 2020, we won a ballot initiative campaign to amend the Nevada Constitution to remove the discriminatory definition of marriage. We also continue to push for equal treatment of women under the law and will be advocating for the Equal Rights Amendment in 2022.

The ACLU of Nevada will continue to advocate for people impacted by systemic discrimination and center our work around the issues impacting people in our community.