Prohibits the government from creating public ordinances that discriminate against houseless individuals.

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  • June 10: Governor signed into Nevada law

  • June 8: Enrolled and delivered to the governor’s desk

  • June 4: Senate concurred Assembly amendments; sent for enrollment

  • May 26: Third reading on Assembly floor; passed Assembly. Sent to the Senate to concur Assembly amendments.

  • May 25: Second reading on Assembly floor

  • May 19: Assembly Committee work session; Amend, and do pass

  • May 11: First Assembly Committee hearing

  • April 26: Introduced to the Assembly for first reading. Assigned to the Assembly Committee on Government Affairs.

  • April 25: Third reading on Senate floor; passed Senate. Sent to the Assembly.

  • April 24: Second reading on Senate floor

  • April 14: Committee work session; Amend, and do pass
  • April 7: First Committee hearing
  • February 13: Introduced to the Senate for first reading. Assigned to the Senate Committee on Government Affairs.


Senator James Ohrenschall


Won: new law


2023 Legislative Session

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