LAS VEGAS — The ACLU of Nevada released the following statement following Gov. Joe Lombardo’s signing of Senate Bill 155. SB155, sponsored by Sen. James Ohrenschall, allows Nevada courts to address the root causes of individuals experiencing homelessness with a diversionary, specialty, or outpatient treatment program when they are fined or arrested for engaging in life-sustaining activities commonly associated with being homeless.  

ACLU of Nevada Policy Manager Lilith Baran said: 

“For people who are housing insecure or who are living on the streets, overly harsh fines can be a vicious cycle that traps them in the criminal legal system indefinitely. We’re grateful for Senator Ohrenschall, for the judges who spoke at committee hearings to demonstrate the value of diversion programs, and for Governor Lombardo for signing this into law. We hope Nevada continues to find policy opportunities to give people who are unhoused a leg up instead of a push down.”