Introduces a Baby Bonds Program under the administration of the State Treasurer. This program will ensure children born to low-income families receive health care coverage and a trust fund account that can be claimed at 18 years old.

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  • Currently: In Assembly Committee on Ways and Means

  • May 17: First budgeting hearing

  • April 5: Second reading on Assembly floor. Referred to Assembly Committee on Ways and Means for budget considerations.

  • March 21: Committee work session; Amend, and do pass
  • February 21: First Committee hearing

  • February 13: Received a notice of eligibility for exemption from the deadline

  • February 5: Introduced to the Committee for first reading

  • November 15: Assigned to the Assembly Committee on Government Affairs via pre-file.


House Committee on Government Affairs


Passed committee


2023 Legislative Session

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