Protects out-of-state patients who come to Nevada seeking abortion care.

  • May 30: Governor signed into Nevada law

  • May 25: Delivered to governor’s desk

  • May 23: Enrollment filed

  • May 22: Third reading on Assembly floor; passed Assembly. Sent to the Senate for enrollment.

  • May 19: Second reading on Assembly floor

  • May 17: Assembly Committee work session; Do pass

  • May 10: First Assembly Committee hearing

  • April 20: Introduced to the Assembly for first reading. Assigned to the Assembly Committee on Commerce and Labor.

  • April 19: Third reading on Senate floor; passed Senate. Sent to the Assembly.

  • April 10: Second reading on Senate floor

  • April 3: Committee work session; Do pass

  • March 15: Second Committee hearing

  • February 20: First Committee hearing

  • February 8: Introduced to the Senate for first reading. Assigned to the Senate Committee on Commerce and Labor.


Senator Nicole Cannizzaro, Senator Roberta Lange, Senator Melanie Scheible, Senator Rochelle Nguyen, Senator Pat Spearman


Won: new law


2023 Legislative Session

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