Requires voters to present photo ID when voting in person; requires voters write their social security number and/or driver’s license number on their ballot to cast a vote.

Voter ID laws are proven to reduce voter turnout and target minority voters who disproportionately lack photo ID. The documentation and costs required to obtain an ID– even if the actual ID is provided by the Department of Motor Vehicles free of cost– make the process inaccessible for many Nevadans. 

  • April 15: No further action; bill died in Committee

  • March 14: Received a notice of eligibility for exemption from the deadline.
  • February 5: Introduced to the Committee for first reading
  • January 29: Assigned to the House Committee on Legislative Operations and Elections via pre-file.


Assemblyman Gregory Hafen


Won: bill did not pass


2023 Legislative Session

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