Guarantees the ability for eligible Nevada voters who are being held pretrial to participate in elections.

Many individuals within jails are awaiting trial, meaning they have not been found guilty with any crime; these individuals should not have their right to vote taken away. Other individuals incarcerated within jails are serving misdemeanor sentences of less than one year, and will likely be impacted by the results of an election after they have been released and had their right to vote fully restored.

These voices should not be silenced during elections.

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  • Currently: Awaiting final vote from Governor Lombardo
  • June 9: Enrolled and delivered to the governor’s desk
  • June 5: Third reading on Senate floor; passed Senate. Sent to the Assembly to concur Senate amendment. Assembly concurred Senate amendment; sent for enrollment.
  • June 4: First budgeting hearing; Senate Finance work session; Amend, and do pass
  • May 23: Received notice of eligibility for exemption from the deadline. Referred to the Senate Committee on Finance for budget considerations.
  • May 22: Second reading on Senate floor 
  • May 18: Senate Committee work session; Do pass
  • May 16: First Senate Committee hearing
  • April 26: Introduced to the Senate for first reading. Assigned to the Senate Committee on Legislative Operations and Elections.
  • April 25: Third reading on Assembly floor; passed Assembly. Sent to the Senate.
  • April 24: Second reading on Assembly floor
  • April 13: Committee work session; Amend, and do pass
  • April 4: First Committee hearing
  • March 13: Introduced to the Assembly for first reading. Assigned to the Assembly Committee on Legislative Operations and Elections.


Assembly Members Brittney Miller, Cameron (C.H.) Miller, Natha Anderson, Shea Backus, Shannon Bilbray-Axelrod, Lesley Cohen, Venicia Considine, Reuben D’Silva, Beatrice Duran, Cecelia González, Michelle Gorelow, Selena La Rue Hatch, Elaine Marzola...


Passed both chambers


2023 Legislative Session

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