For Immediate Release: January 25, 2017
Las Vegas, NV – The American Civil Liberties Union of Nevada rejects any taxpayer dollars being used to fund private discrimination in education. If funded during the 2017 Nevada Legislative Session, the unconstitutional voucher scheme will enable state tax payer money to be used by private schools to discriminate against students, parents, teachers and staff on the basis of religion, sexual orientation, gender identity and disability.  


Amy Rose, Legal Director of the ACLU of Nevada said: Many of the voucher eligible schools engage in discriminatory practices on a daily basis. Private schools in Nevada will reject or dis-enroll a student who is LGBTQ, or whose parents are LGBTQ. As one voucher eligible school puts it, students must ‘refrain from participating in. . . homosexuality or other sexual perversions . . .’ Another will refuse admission to any student for simply ““supporting or condoning . . . homosexual activity.”  Moreover, many of these schools refuse to accommodate students with special needs, and will not accept a student unless they adhere to a certain faith,” said Amy Rose, legal director of the ACLU of Nevada. 


If private schools receive public funds they will be granted public money to discriminate as they please based on their own beliefs and prejudices. Nevada taxpayers should be forced to fund this “school choice” scam.