Voter Protection Alliance


What is Voter Protection Alliance

The ACLU of Nevada Voter Protection Alliance is a nonpartisan program working to make sure our democracy is functioning fairly and efficiently. Our volunteers help us to identify emerging threats to our democratic process as they arise and to confront these issues with legal actions and more. Our volunteers will serve a critical role as watchdogs throughout the election cycle, including after Election Day.

Why we Need Volunteers

The threats to Nevada's voting processes are increasing throughout the state. Conspiracy theories about election fraud have been fueling election subversion acts, particularly within local governments, including how and when elections are certified and by whom, how ballots are counted, and invalidation of ballots. In addition, there have been growing intimidation efforts by right-wing supporters to deter, prevent, or make it more difficult for Nevada voters to cast their ballots.

Who Should Volunteer?

Everyone who cares about voting rights! To send nonpartisan volunteer legal observers to all of the high priority polling locations, we'll need hundreds of volunteers.