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  1. Supreme Court Ruling is a Win for Investigative Journalists and Civil Rights Researchers

    June 7, 2021News updateFree Speech
  2. Defending Speech We Hate

    June 6, 2021News updateFree Speech
  3. Protect People, Not Police Lobbyists

    June 1, 2021News updatePolice Practices, Racial Justice
  4. The People, Not the Police, Should Decide If and How Surveillance Technologies Are Used In Their Communities

    June 9, 2021News updatePrivacy
  5. Nevada Needs SCOTUS to Review Qualified Immunity

    June 10, 2021News update
  6. Cates v. Stroud

    May 11, 2021CasePolice Practices
  7. Taxation by Citation

    June 14, 2021News updateRacial Justice, Police Practices
  8. Supreme Court Again Rejects a License to Discriminate

    June 17, 2021News updateLGBTQ Rights
  9. Britney Spears’ Reproductive Freedom is a Disability Rights Issue

    June 25, 2021News updateReproductive Freedom
  10. Cruelty and Coercion: How ICE Abuses Hunger Strikers

    June 29, 2021News updateImmigrants' Rights, Prisoners' Rights