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  1. Federal Judges are Failing Incarcerated People During the Pandemic

    September 15, 2020News updateCriminal Justice Reform, COVID-19
  2. The Law That Sent a Man to Prison for Life for Stealing a Pair of Hedge Clippers – and What Prosecutors Can do About It

    October 2, 2020News updatePrisoners' Rights, Criminal Justice Reform
  3. When Black Mourners are Threatened with Official Violence

    October 22, 2020News updatePolice Practices, Criminal Justice Reform
  4. Bold and Visionary: A Criminal Justice To-Do List for the New Administration

    December 7, 2020News updateCriminal Justice Reform
  5. 50 Years Into the War on Drugs, Biden-Harris can Fix the Harm It Created

    January 6, 2021News updateCriminal Justice Reform
  6. Drug Treatment is Infrastructure

    September 10, 2021News updateCriminal Justice Reform
  7. Our Leaders Have the Power to Decarcerate and Save Lives, But Where is the Will? | American Civil Liberties Union

    September 29, 2021News updatePrisoners' Rights, Criminal Justice Reform
  8. Kyle Rittenhouse Didn’t Act Alone: Law Enforcement Must Be Held Accountable

    November 19, 2021News updatePolice Practices, Criminal Justice Reform, Free Speech
  9. After 35 years, Congress Should Finally End the Sentencing Disparity Between Crack and Powder Cocaine

    December 20, 2021News updateCriminal Justice Reform
  10. What You Need to Know About Cash Bail and Crime Rates

    March 25, 2022News updateCriminal Justice Reform