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  1. From Punishment to Promise: The Power of Redemption

    August 4, 2020News updateCriminal Justice Reform
  2. Retired Federal Probation Officer: Stop Sending People to COVID-Filled Prisons Unnecessarily

    August 6, 2020News updateCriminal Justice Reform, Prisoners' Rights, COVID-19
  3. The Democratic Platform Heads in Right Direction on Criminal Justice, but Still Misses the Moment

    August 18, 2020News updateCriminal Justice Reform, Racial Justice
  4. Justice Wins in Michigan

    August 18, 2020News updateRacial Justice, Criminal Justice Reform, Voting Rights
  5. Not Even a Global Pandemic Could Stop the Federal Government from Pursuing a String of Back-to-Back Executions This Summer

    August 26, 2020News updateCOVID-19, Criminal Justice Reform, Prisoners' Rights
  6. Hundreds of Thousands of People in Limbo as They Wait for Justice

    August 25, 2020News updateImmigrants' Rights, Criminal Justice Reform
  7. Adel’s Hidden Agenda: ACLU Exposes Maricopa Prosecutor’s Hypocrisy

    August 26, 2020News updateRacial Justice, Criminal Justice Reform
  8. NDOC needs to stop raiding inmate accounts

    October 1, 2020News updatePrisoners' Rights, Criminal Justice Reform
  9. ACLU Calls On Tech Companies to End Their Alliance with ICE and CBP

    September 9, 2020News updateCriminal Justice Reform, Immigrants' Rights
  10. Lower Courts Agree — It’s Time to End Qualified Immunity

    September 10, 2020News updatePolice Practices, Criminal Justice Reform