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  1. CCSD Speaker Policy: Progress Made, Concerns Remain

    November 30, 2009News updateFree Speech
  2. First Amendment on Fremont Street: ACLU Demands Rights Be Upheld

    December 4, 2009News updateFree Speech
  3. ACLU, Planned Parenthood File Challenge to Personhood Initiative

    November 23, 2009News updateReproductive Freedom
  4. REAL ID Bill Dies Before Legislature Ends

    June 2, 2009News updatePrivacy
  5. ACLU of Nevada Disappointed by Metro's Decision to Re-Sign 287(g) Agreement

    October 20, 2009News updateImmigrants' Rights, Police Practices
  6. ACLU-NV & Las Vegas Reach Agreement - Users of City Rec Centers No Longer Have to Join YMCA

    October 5, 2009News updateReligion and Belief
  7. Pre-Registration for Domestic Partnerships Begins August 24

    August 19, 2009News updateLGBTQ Rights
  8. ACLU Settles Federal Discrimination Lawsuits with Washoe County School District

    April 8, 2009News updateReligion and Belief, Education
  9. ACLU of Nevada challenges UNLV “Hate Speech” Policy

    April 27, 2009News updateEducation, Free Speech
  10. US Attorney Files Secret Motion to Dismiss ACLU's Case Against the R-J Subpoena

    June 23, 2009News updateFree Speech, Open Government