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  1. Nine Years After DACA Went Into Effect, Congress On The Verge Of Passing A Path To Citizenship

    August 15, 2021News updateImmigrants' Rights
  2. What is Redistricting and Why Should We Care?

    August 23, 2021News updateVoting Rights
  3. Four Problems with the ShotSpotter Gunshot Detection System

    August 24, 2021News updatePrivacy
  4. Legislation

    October 25, 2016Listing Page
  5. Safe and Healthy Schools Lead With Support, Not Police

    August 31, 2021News updateEducation, Police Practices
  6. ACLU of Nevada News

    October 7, 2011Page
  7. 2021 Legislative Report and Scorecard

    August 27, 2021Page
  8. WATCH - 2021 Legislative Report Webinar

    September 3, 2021News update
  9. Redistricting is Starting — Here’s What You Need to Know

    September 2, 2021News updateVoting Rights
  10. The Privacy Lesson of 9/11: Mass Surveillance is Not the Way Forward

    September 7, 2021News updatePrivacy