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  1. ACLU Lawsuit Charges Grossly Inadequate Medical Care At State Prison In Nevada

    March 5, 2008News updatePrisoners' Rights
  2. Prisoner at Ely Denied Surgery - Now Barely Able to Walk

    March 10, 2011News updatePrisoners' Rights
  3. Protecting the Rights of Transgender Prison Inmates

    June 21, 2011News updateLGBTQ Rights, Prisoners' Rights
  4. Challenging Postcard-Only Policies in Nevada Jails

    July 6, 2011News updatePrisoners' Rights
  5. First-Ever Congressional Meeting on Solitary Confinement

    June 8, 2012News updatePrisoners' Rights
  6. Prison Medical Case Will Go to Trial

    September 14, 2012News updatePrisoners' Rights
  7. Censorship Lawsuit Filed Against Nevada Department of Corrections

    July 5, 2013News updatePrisoners' Rights
  8. Arizona Prison Officials Found in Contempt for Massive Prison Health Care Scandal

    June 25, 2018News updatePrisoners' Rights
  9. Substandard Medical Care Is Killing People in U.S. Immigration Prisons

    June 21, 2018News updateImmigrants' Rights, Prisoners' Rights
  10. When Your Constitutional Rights Are Violated but You Lose Anyway

    July 11, 2018News updateCriminal Justice Reform, Prisoners' Rights