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  1. Supreme Court Correctly Rules that Trump is Not Above the Law

    July 10, 2020News updateOpen Government
  2. As Overdoses Spike During Coronavirus, Treating Addiction in Prisons and Jails is a Matter of Life and Death

    July 22, 2020News updateCOVID-19, Prisoners' Rights
  3. The Looming Unspoken Crisis: How a Pandemic Exacerbates the Unjust Exclusions Wrought by the Criminal System

    July 21, 2020News updateCriminal Justice Reform, COVID-19
  4. Let Me Vote: My Voting Rights as a Blind Man are the Same as Everybody Else’s

    July 20, 2020News updateEducation, Free Speech, Voting Rights
  5. A Constitutional Crisis in Portland

    July 18, 2020News updateProtesters and Police, Police Practices
  6. Students, Colleges, and Universities Win Against the Trump Administration’s Latest Anti-Immigrant Attack

    July 17, 2020News updateEducation, Immigrants' Rights
  7. Nevada Has Failed to Prepare for the Spread of the Coronavirus Behind Bars

    July 27, 2020Press releaseCOVID-19
  8. Border Patrol Violently Assaults Civil Rights and Liberties

    July 24, 2020News updatePolice Practices, Immigrants' Rights, Protesters and Police
  9. D.C. Statehood is a Racial Justice Issue

    July 27, 2020News updateRacial Justice
  10. Incarcerated People are Still Dying of COVID-19, and We’re Still Fighting to Save Them

    July 27, 2020News updatePrisoners' Rights, COVID-19