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  1. Presumption of Guilt

    October 21, 2011News updateCapital Punishment
  2. To kill or not to kill?

    July 24, 2012News updateCapital Punishment
  3. Castillo Seeks to Join ACLU of Nevada's Lawsuit Against Lethal Injection Procedures

    May 8, 2008News updateCapital Punishment
  4. Let's be Smart on Crime

    April 12, 2011News updateCapital Punishment
  5. Washington Governor Halts Executions

    February 11, 2014News updateCapital Punishment
  6. Nevada Plans to Execute Prisoner Using a Risky and Experimental Drug Cocktail

    July 11, 2018News updateCapital Punishment, Open Government
  7. Texas Decides to Execute Despite a Victim’s Son Calling for Forgiveness

    August 1, 2018News updateCapital Punishment
  8. A Jury May Have Sentenced a Man to Death Because He Is Gay. It’s Time for a Federal Court to Hear His Bias Claim.

    August 6, 2018News updateLGBTQ Rights, Capital Punishment
  9. 'Do We Deserve to Kill?' The Answer Is 'No' After Nebraska's Latest Execution

    August 14, 2018News updateCapital Punishment
  10. Finding Common Ground on Repealing the Death Penalty

    May 6, 2019News updateCapital Punishment


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