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  1. Stand Up and Salute the T-Shirt

    May 13, 2010News updateEducation, Free Speech
  2. Search and Seizure of Student's Medicine Bag

    March 8, 2012News updateFree Speech, Racial Justice, Education, Privacy, Religion and Belief
  3. It's Been Established

    June 29, 2012News updateFree Speech, Education, Religion and Belief
  4. GVHS Theater: ACLU Says "The Show Must Go On"

    November 2, 2009News updateEducation, Free Speech
  5. Churchill High School Stands Up for Student Speech

    February 11, 2010News updateEducation, Free Speech
  6. ACLU of Nevada challenges UNLV “Hate Speech” Policy

    April 27, 2009News updateEducation, Free Speech
  7. Court Blocks Attempt to Censor Plays: ACLU Applauds Victory for Free Speech

    November 10, 2009News updateEducation, Free Speech
  8. Let Me Vote: My Voting Rights as a Blind Man are the Same as Everybody Else’s

    July 20, 2020News updateEducation, Free Speech, Voting Rights