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  1. The Supreme Court Will Decide Whether Asylum Seekers Receive Their Day in Court

    February 20, 2020News updateImmigrants' Rights
  2. “They Don’t Care if You Die”: Immigrants in ICE Detention Fear the Spread of COVID-19

    April 8, 2020News updateCOVID-19, Immigrants' Rights
  3. How to Co-opt a Pandemic to Ban Asylum

    May 20, 2020News updateCOVID-19, Immigrants' Rights
  4. ICE’s Lack of Transparency About COVID-19 in Detention Will Cost Lives

    May 22, 2020News updateCOVID-19, Immigrants' Rights
  5. After 17 Months of Unlawful Detention, Court Orders Release of U.S. Resident Wrongfully Detained Under Patriot Act

    June 29, 2020News updateImmigrants' Rights, Prisoners' Rights
  6. DHS Watchdog Confirms: ICE is Failing to Protect Detained People From COVID

    June 29, 2020News updateCOVID-19, Immigrants' Rights
  7. After Years of Advocacy, the House of Representatives Finally Cuts Funding to Trump’s Deportation Force

    July 14, 2020News updateImmigrants' Rights
  8. Students, Colleges, and Universities Win Against the Trump Administration’s Latest Anti-Immigrant Attack

    July 17, 2020News updateEducation, Immigrants' Rights
  9. Border Patrol Violently Assaults Civil Rights and Liberties

    July 24, 2020News updatePolice Practices, Immigrants' Rights, Protesters and Police
  10. What’s it Like to be in Immigration Lockup During a Pandemic?

    August 24, 2020News updateImmigrants' Rights, COVID-19