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  1. New Hampshire Has a Confidential List of Officers With Credibility Problems

    July 24, 2018News updateCriminal Justice Reform, Police Practices, Open Government
  2. Kentucky City Uses the Terrorism Excuse to Keep the Details of Its Surveillance Equipment Secret

    July 30, 2018News updateOpen Government, Police Practices
  3. TSA Darkens the Skies With Secret Surveillance of Americans

    July 30, 2018News updatePrivacy, Police Practices, Open Government
  4. NYPD Police Officers Union Wants to Keep Sexual Misconduct Under Wraps

    July 31, 2018News updatePolice Practices, Open Government
  5. How the FBI Spied on Orange County Muslims – And Attempted to Get Away With It

    November 8, 2021News updatePolice Practices, Open Government