You are about to enter the world of solitary confinement, as told by the individuals who lived, or are living, the horrors of extreme isolation in Nevada prisons. Efforts to end the use of solitary confinement in the state began after the ACLU of Nevada and partner prisoners’ rights organizations received disturbingly high numbers of complaints from incarcerated individuals claiming to be in extreme isolation for extended periods of time. We made great strides in nearly ending the practice in juvenile facilities in 2013, but our efforts in adult facilities were halted by Nevada Department of Corrections' (NDOC) leadership at that time. The NDOC's poor data tracking and refusal to share adequate information, prompted us to survey the prisoners themselves and issue this report. However, as this report goes to publication we find ourselves under promising new leadership within the NDOC and expect to see substantial positive policy changes that will limit the use of extreme isolation in Nevada prisons.