History was made in 2019, with new laws being enacted that start correcting the past criminal injustices imposed on minority communities and the formerly incarcerated. We restored the right to vote for formerly incarcerated individuals with AB 431, and incarcerated individuals will now be counted in the decennial Census as residents in their home districts. AB 236 made our criminal justice system more reform-focused than punitive and will impose new requirements on the courts to provide alternatives to incarceration.

With the passage of our study bill regarding juveniles being housed in adult facilities, we are continuing our work to move juveniles out of adult prison facilities in Nevada. Adult institutions are unequipped to meet the educational, medical, and physical needs of minors. Neglecting to provide meaningful programming at a critical stage of development fails to properly prepare an individual for life after incarceration.

Working with the Right to Know Nevada coalition, we successfully updated and expanded the state’s public records law. State agencies must now work with constituents to find the records they seek, and if they do not, they will be held accountable. We will likely seek to further improve this law for the public in the next legislative session.