Automatic Voter Registration

The ACLU of Nevada joined the campaign to pass Nevada Ballot Question 5, also known as the Automatic Voter Registration (AVR) Initiative. Under AVR, eligible Nevada residents will be automatically registered to vote and voters will have their registration updated automatically at the DMV. In Oregon, the first state to adopt Automatic Voter Registration, this policy lead to an increase in participation and helped many people cast a ballot who may not have done so otherwise.

Election Protection

ACLU of Nevada’s Legal, Advocacy, and Communications departments, in collaboration with Silver State Voices, the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil rights, Common Cause, and the AFL/CIO, ran a nonpartisan voter protection program for the midterm elections, similar to the program we ran for the presidential election in 2016.

Defeating the Anti-Sanctuary Cities Initiative

The ACLU of Nevada Legal Department successfully sued to stop an anti-immigrant ballot initiative that would have created a constitutional amendment banning “sanctuary cities.” ACLU of Nevada staff had little doubt such a measure would have made immigrant communities more vulnerable to victimization, eroded trust in law enforcement and harmed children and families.

Fighting for Transparency About Lethal Injections

The news that Nevada prisoner Scott Dozier was actively seeking his own execution sent shockwaves through the state. This would have been the first execution in over a decade, and the state had long ran out of the drugs required to carry out a lethal injection and had publicly stated they were unable to get more.