LAS VEGAS — People across the United States, and here in Nevada, are reacting to the footage released today of the Memphis Police killing of Tyre Nichols. Five officers have been fired and face murder charges in connection with Tyre’s death.

State advocates for racial justice and greater police accountability want to remind our community that there is a lot of work to do in Nevada to address issues of excessive use of force.

ACLU of Nevada Executive Director Athar Haseebullah said:

“The vicious murder of Tyre Nichols is yet another example of an out of control policing system that continues to go largely unchecked. This is a national problem and if you think Nevada is immune from these issues, have a conversation with the mothers of Jorge Gomez or Isaiah Williams. Without bodycam footage, Tyre’s story wouldn’t have been told and another Black man beaten to death by the police would have simply had his character denigrated to justify horrific abuse.  If there are protests here in Nevada, I would urge law enforcement to avoid the hyper-reactive policing approach it adopted two years ago, when peaceful protestors and legal observers were attacked and arrested by law enforcement for simply exercising their right to peacefully assemble and protest. Actions to undermine the First Amendment by the government will be met with an appropriate response in court.”  

NAACP Las Vegas Branch President Quentin Savwoir said:

“The work to advance and expand civil rights persists no matter who the perpetrator is. The death of Tyre Nichols shows us that the problem of policing is foundational in the culture of policing in America. There is a quiet consensus to terminate the lives of Black and Brown men, one that we should all be concerned with. I hope the officers involved in this egregious act are held accountable, but true justice here means taking action and making changes. Changes that beget greater transparency, accountability and justice for families that are mistreated by those entrusted to safeguard our communities.”