LAS VEGAS — The ACLU of Nevada is issuing a warning to colleges and universities throughout the state and reminding them that the First Amendment protects students’ political speech and peaceful dissent on campus.

Across the country, Pro-Palestinian protests on college campuses have resulted in student suspensions, arrests, and excessive force by police. With a growing number of college campuses joining these efforts, including in Nevada, the ACLU has made it clear that it will always work to defend the people’s right to engage in peaceful protest.

ACLU of Nevada executive director Athar Haseebullah said:

“Students have a right to protest and to advocate for causes they believe in, activity that lies at the core of the First Amendment. The speech protections of the First Amendment would actually pose no value if only speech that was agreeable to policymakers or elected officials were permitted. Censorship poses a tremendous danger to our democracy, and attempts to chill protected student speech in traditional public forums are intolerable. To be clear, not every form of speech is protected everywhere, including our private residence halls. We will be closely watching protests on college campuses across the state, and we’ve added a form on our website so any Nevada students whose rights are violated or who wish to receive a Know Your Rights training may get in touch with us. To any government entity, including our colleges, universities, and Board of Regents, who might attempt to engage in content-based censorship or restrictions: Don’t Do It.”