LAS VEGAS — The ACLU of Nevada released the following statement following Gov. Joe Lombardo’s signing of Senate Bill 307 on Thursday. SB307, sponsored by Sen. Pat Spearman, will regulate the prolonged use of solitary confinement in Nevada prisons.

ACLU of Nevada Executive Director Athar Haseebullah said:

“Solitary confinement is a brutal, barbaric practice, and we have been working for more than a decade to bring awareness to this issue and to create change. We are grateful to Senator Pat Spearman for being a dedicated champion for these reforms over the years and to Governor Joe Lombardo for signing it. We also appreciate our partners at organizations like Unlock the Box for supporting our efforts to see this through. We are proud to see Nevada take this crucial step forward. We will continue to work toward a system that truly puts its energy into rehabilitating people instead of subjecting them to irreversible harm.”