Proposal Will Make Traffic Stops Safer for Nevadans

LAS VEGAS — The ACLU of Nevada released the following statement following Gov. Joe Lombardo’s signing of Assembly Bill 161. AB 161, sponsored by Assemblyman C.H. Miller and Assemblywoman Shannon Bilbray-Axelrod, will allow Nevadans to opt into a DMV system that will alert police at the start of a traffic stop that they have a communication need. The bill protects both the confidentiality and privacy of those individuals by not requiring disclosure of any specific medical or communication diagnosis and is entirely voluntary.   

ACLU of Nevada Executive Director Athar Haseebullah said: 

“We’re grateful to Assemblyman C.H. Miller and Assemblywoman Shannon Bilbray Axelrod for working with us to create a simple, effective, and powerful tool that will help make traffic stops safer for Nevadans who have a communication need.  AB 161 will require the DMV to place a flag for a communication need on a driver’s identificaiton card, driver’s license, and/or a driver’s vehicle registration upon an applicant’s request. Importantly, the applicant won’t have to share a specific need to protect their confidentiality and is entirely voluntarily.  We are hopeful this bill can help make things safer for people who are deaf or have autism or communicate differently in any way when they are pulled over. This is a smart and easy solution to making traffic stops safer, and we are glad Governor Lombardo realized this legislation will enhance public safety for police and for community members alike.”