ACLU of Nevada Staff Attorney Nikki Levy said:

“The ban being proposed by the Clark County Commission today will affect Nevadans’ ability to engage in protected First Amendment activities. 

The temperature is going to hit triple digits today, and this proposal will limit demonstrators’ access to water, food, medications, and first aid supplies. Without access to these things, people may very well have to choose between their health and safety and exercising their right to protest.

Journalists and photographers, also protected under the First Amendment, often need to carry large bags and backpacks to hold their equipment. While the ordinance accounts for equipment used by the professional media, we remain concerned about enforcement against the press and against student or amateur journalists and photojournalists who have a right to cover the events taking place.

Demonstrations across Nevada have sprung up to speak out against racist policing and use of force issues. Rather than addressing these crucial issues, we are seeing proposals like this one, which will certainly lead to increased interactions with law enforcement. 

We urge the County Commission to reconsider policies that tamp down on peaceful protests and instead focus on the issues at the heart of these demonstrations.”