LAS VEGAS — The American Civil Liberties Union of Nevada will be representing the Durango High School students who were attacked by Clark County School District Police, an event that was recorded by bystanders. To date, the officer shown slamming a student to the ground without cause has not been terminated and the Clark County District Attorney's Office has not demonstrated any intent to investigate or prosecute the officers involved in the incident. 

ACLU of Nevada Executive Director Athar Haseebullah said:

“It's disgusting that school police officers can attack children without being held accountable. The officer hasn't been terminated. There are no statements from the District Attorney that they are attempting to seek justice for these kids or have opened an investigation of the officer's conduct here. It's sad and pathetic. It's as if these government entities only believe justice should exist for white adults and not Black children. If these same government entities in Nevada refuse to seek justice and accountability when an incident here is so obviously egregious and unlawful, the ACLU of Nevada will.”

ACLU of Nevada Legal Director Chris Peterson said:

“We know police violence incidents against students of color aren't isolated. We will seek justice for these families and will continue to fight to ensure that the rights and liberties of these and other students aren't subject to abuse by school police officers.”



The ACLU of Nevada is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization committed to the defense and advancement of civil liberties and civil rights for all people in Nevada since 1966.