ACLU of Nevada Executive Director Tod Story said:  

“The Mayor’s announcement of a potentially indefinite curfew tonight for the entire City of Reno raises serious constitutional questions that need to be remedied. Any curfew order requires an imminent threat of danger or harm and must be limited to the specific places in the City where the harm is likely to take place, not the entire City.

The order fails to identify a present state of civil disorder to warrant even one evening of a forced curfew. In fact, the order expressly states that ‘there are currently no known threats to the Reno community.’

The broad and vague nature of this order – and the suggestion that it is indefinite in time – invites arbitrary and discriminatory enforcement. It places all members of the community, especially people of color, at risk of engaging in the hostile interactions that demonstrations across the country seek to eradicate, and it undermines the people’s right to peaceably assemble. We encourage the Mayor to rethink this strategy immediately.”

The city's announcement is here.