LAS VEGAS — The ACLU of Nevada filed for a writ of mandamus in a Clark County court in order to force the Clark County School District to release records that the nonprofit is entitled to.  

A writ of mandamus is a legal action meant to force a government actor to follow the law. The case is ACLU of Nevada v. Clark County School District, Case No. A-23-869216-W.

In February, Durango High School students were attacked by CCSD police in February for recording officers with their phone. Video of the incident has been shared widely throughout the community — including before the Nevada Legislature — but despite persistent requests from the news media and others, the school district continues to stonewall the release of public records related to the incident, especially body-worn camera footage and incident reports. Even the ACLU of Nevada, which is representing two teenagers who were attacked in the incident, has been denied the records. 

In March, the ACLUNV announced it was giving the school district 30 days to comply with the law, or the nonprofit would file a legal action. CCSD has failed to produce the records for the teenagers’ attorneys. 

ACLU of Nevada Staff Attorney Jacob Smith said: 

“These records are essential in our fight to adequately investigate this matter, represent our students, and uncover the full scope of these officers’ misconduct. We gave the school district every opportunity to turn over them, but instead CCSD has offered nothing but legal pretenses to withhold information they are required by Nevada law to turn over. The school district has forced our hand by refusing to give us the requested records, and as such, we are seeking all fees and penalties allowed under the law in addition to the records we are entitled to.”