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December 11, 2020

New “Mobile Justice” App Can Send Incident Videos Direct to the ACLU of Nevada

LAS VEGAS — Video has proven to be a primary tool against police violence on people of color, and without it, the death of George Floyd would have been just another line in a police report instead of a nationwide rallying cry for justice.

Thousands of Nevadans took to the streets over the summer to call for an end to racial profiling and police violence, and the ACLU of Nevada is pleased to announce a new tool to help hold police officers accountable.

A new Mobile Justice app is now available for free on the App Store and Google Play for Nevadans to use.

 The new Mobile Justice app has these features:

 After being downloaded, it allows the user to select the ACLUNV to receive videos recorded using the app. Sending the video to the ACLUNV ensures that the video will be preserved, even if the phone is seized or destroyed.

  • The app now allows users to add up to three people who will automatically receive videos recorded by the app. Those three designated people can flag and verify video for the ACLUNV to review.
  • The user can add details of an incident recorded on the app, including identification of officers involved and witness contact information.
  • Know Your Rights information from the ACLUNV is available on an app user’s phone.
  • Mobile Justice is not just a powerful tool to record and report law enforcement abuses, it can also aid in preventing them.

ACLU of Nevada Director of Communications and Outreach Wesley Juhl said:

“After seeing this summer’s Black Lives Matter protests, and the aggressive responses to those protests from police, the Nevada Legislature adopted laws to ensure our communities have the right to record police interactions. And it has been shown that when the police know their actions are being recorded, it can defuse a situation. That could turn out to be the one of the most valuable benefits of Mobile Justice.”


In 2015, a handful of American Civil Liberties Union affiliates introduced the “Mobile Justice” app that allowed users to send videos of police misconduct incidents directly to the ACLU. Though offered in limited areas, it was downloaded more than 600,000 times.

A streamlined, upgraded version of Mobile Justice launched this fall with far more ACLU affiliates participating nationwide, including the ACLUNV. Download Mobile Justice from the App Store or Google Play.