ACLU of Nevada Launches program for Youth Interested in Civil Rights Leadership

LAS VEGAS — The ACLU of Nevada is proud to announce the launch of the nonprofit’s Emerging Leaders program.

Emerging Leaders is an innovative, youth-driven program under the ACLU of Nevada that focuses on building the leaders of tomorrow through the cultivation of advocacy, leadership, and civic engagement proficiency. The program seeks to give young adults between the ages of 16 and 22 resources, opportunities, and skills to help them grow as leaders in the community with an emphasis on advancing civil rights for all Nevadans.

ACLU of Nevada Staff Member and Emerging Leaders President Derrica Daniel said:

“We’re a one-year leadership cohort working to cultivate positive change to provide leadership development for a new generation of civil rights champions. Our Emerging Leaders are tomorrow’s lawmakers, CEOs, and public interest attorneys, and we’re excited to be part of the ACLU of Nevada to continue to demonstrate the many ways by which young people can build power for a brighter future.”

ACLU of Nevada Executive Director Athar Haseebullah said:

“At the ACLU, we think a lot about ‘impact,’ and we are excited to make this investment in our young people, and we look forward to growing the next generation of civil rights leaders in our state.”

The program holds weekly meetings, hosts educational workshops, and connects participants with mentors from the community. More information about the program and how to get involved is available on its landing page at