The American Civil Liberties Union of Nevada filed a lawsuit against Fremont Street Experience, LLC, and the city of Las Vegas in order to protect First Amendments rights on this important public forum. Fremont Street remains a public street.

The case is Gordon v. City of Las Vegas, Case No. 2:22-cv-01446-RFB-EJY.

The ACLU of Nevada has been pushing back against policies that favor the speech of Fremont Street Experience while placing unconstitutional limits on the speech of all others. Most recently, Fremont Street Experience and the city of Las Vegas have gone to extremes in undercutting First Amendment protections by restricting adults aged 18 to 21 from entering the public forum via a special permit for an unadvertised and fictitious event created solely to create “an illusion of a valid time, place, and manner restriction, despite the fact that this curfew flies in the face of the Constitution and doesn’t satisfy any level of scrutiny,” according to the complaint. The ACLUNV is not challenging the existing curfew in the city of Las Vegas for people under 18.

The organization’s clients in the case include a street performer and two 18-year-olds who have had their First Amendment rights violated by Fremont Street Experience and the city of Las Vegas. 


Christopher M. Peterson, Esq. and Sophia A. Romero, Esq.

Date filed

September 6, 2022


United States District Court for the District of Nevada



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