Tell your elected officials: Nevada prison conditions need to be improved and Nevada must end over-incarceration and fix inhumane prisons. The ACLU of Nevada's report, "Not Fit for Human Consumption or Habitation: Nevada's Prisons in Crisis," provides evidence that even the most basic needs of prisoners are not being met. Fortunately, the Nevada legislature has the ability to address these problems.

Please contact your elected state representative and the Governor today to let them know that you support sensible changes in order to help solve the prison crisis.

Please support the following bills:

  • Assembly Bill 136: Sensibly eases burdens on the prison system by revising provisions governing credits for offenders sentenced for certain crimes.
  • Senate Bill 201: Establishes an Ombudsman for Offenders and requires the Director of the Department of Corrections to comply with certain medical standards.
  • Assembly Bill 93: Eases burdens on the criminal justice system by requiring the Department of Corrections to establish intermediate sanction facilities for certain probation violators.


  1. Show your support for these bills with a few simple clicks at the Nevada Legislature's website
  2. Contact your elected official and tell them to support AB136, AB93, and SB201. Don’t know who your State Senator or Assemblyperson is? It's easy to find out.
  3. Contact Governor Brian Sandoval and ask him to sign AB136, AB93, and SB201. Send him an email, write to him at 101 N. Carson Street Carson City, NV 89701, or call his office at (775) 684-5670.
  4. Print off a postcard mail it to the legislature.

Write your own message of support or use this sample text:

Dear Senator/Assemblyperson/Governor:

As your constituent, I am concerned about medical care, conditions of confinement, and treatment of incarcerated individuals at Nevada prison facilities. Nevada's budgetary crisis is going to further exacerbate these problems. Thankfully, you can do something to help fix the situation.

Please help fix the crisis in Nevada's prisons and save the state money in the long run by supporting AB 93, AB 136, and SB 201. These bills will ensure adequate medical and dental care for prisoners, guarantee that pregnant prisoners will not be unnecessarily shackled, and develop intermediate sanctions facilities. Nevada, and our state's future and safety, is counting on you.

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