Ask your legislators to stop mass incarceration with prevention, not prisons!

The bill (AB 244) exacerbates our existing over-incarceration problem by creating another "three strikes, you’re out" law that will make it a category C felony for people who have three or more graffiti convictions, regardless of the value of the loss. This means that a person who caused $50 worth of damages could be incarcerated for up to five years. Nevada spends on average, $20,656 per year, to incarcerate an offender, which is why this law does not make any sense. We should be spending our money on graffiti abatement and programs for youth to prevent graffiti in the first place, not on prisons. Ask your legislators to stop mass incarceration with prevention, not prisons!

Tell your legislators that religion cannot be an excuse to discriminate.

There are three bills in the Nevada Legislature that put all of these protections against discrimination in jeopardy, two of which hide behind the facade of religious freedom. AB 277 and SB 272, the so-called "Nevada Preservation of Religious Freedom Acts," claim to protect the free exercise of religion but could actually make it legal to discriminate because of their religious beliefs. Tell your legislators that religion cannot be an excuse to discriminate.


Tell your Senators: Don't Expand "Stand Your Ground" in Nevada

Nevada is already a “Stand Your Ground” state, eliminating the duty to retreat in self-defense or in defense of your home, your property, or another person. SB 175 would expand Nevada’s “Stand Your Ground” — or, more accurately, “Kill at Will” — law to include any “vehicle which is self-propelled.” SB 175 would authorize killing first and asking questions when it is much too late. Tell your legislators to oppose the expansion of "Kill at Will" today!


Tell Governor Sandoval we shouldn't be wasting taxpayer dollars on a death chamber

In his State of the State speech, there was one piece of major spending that Governor Sandoval didn't mention: a proposed $830,000 death chamber at Ely State Prison. Take a moment to tell Gov. Sandoval NO to new taxpayer-funded death chamber.


Create Fair and Age-Appropriate Sentences for Nevada's Youth

Nevada still sentences children to life without the possibility of parole. Our legislators must be reminded that children are different than adults and their lives should not be thrown away. At a young age, children are able to learn from their mistakes and be rehabilitated if we give them that opportunity. Contact your legislator now and ask him or her to treat our children with dignity and respect.


Stop Nevada's Criminal Justice System from Wasting Public Resources

In this time of economic crisis, Nevada is wasting our taxpayer dollars on incarcerating thousands of people who pose little or no threat to public safety, and whose actions would be better addressed through alternatives that hold them accountable at less cost to taxpayers. Let your legislator know that they must stop this waste of resources and human potential.