The citizens of Nevada can use our state’s initiative petition process to propose constitutional amendments, statutory changes, or a citizen veto of an existing law. Because our initiative process is so robust, an initiative proponents’ right to access the ballot box comes with an equally important responsibility: to let voters know the consequences of what they’re voting on.

First, initiative proponents must write an accurate 200 word description of the meaning and intended consequences of the initiative.

Second, each initiative must adhere to the “single-subject” rule. All parts of a proposed initiative must be “functionally related and germane to each other in a way that provides sufficient notice of the general subject of, and of the interests likely to be affected by the proposed initiative” (NRS 295.009).

Proponents of an initiative must follow this rule so voters have notice of the general subject of the proposed initiative and understand the interests that are likely to be affected. The purpose of this requirement is to promote informed decisions and prevent the enactment of unpopular provisions by attaching them to or concealing them in more popular measures.