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  1. Could This Be the Real Death of the Internet?

    January 12, 2012News updatePrivacy, Free Speech
  2. Search and Seizure of Student's Medicine Bag

    March 8, 2012News updateFree Speech, Racial Justice, Education, Privacy, Religion and Belief
  3. Several Times a Minute

    April 5, 2012News updatePrivacy, Police Practices
  4. Concern About Police Drones

    May 14, 2012News updatePrivacy, Police Practices
  5. No DNA Collection Before Conviction

    July 16, 2012News updatePrivacy
  6. Automated License Plate Recognition Helps Law Enforcement but Endangers Public Privacy

    July 31, 2012News updatePolice Practices, Privacy
  7. Counterterrorism "Fusion Centers" Threaten Civil Liberties

    October 8, 2012News updatePrivacy