Victory Open for Business

Assemblyman Erven Nelson confirmed to KSNV reporter Fatima Rahmatullah today that he would “no longer be pursuing” AB 277, the Nevada Protection of Religious Freedom Act (NPRFA) in the 2015 legislative session.

“We welcome and celebrate the news that AB 277 is dead. As witnessed over the last few weeks, a majority of Americans do not support the idea of discriminating against LGBT people, or anyone, when doing business in this country. Nevada’s public accommodation laws would have been gutted if AB 277 or SB 272 were to become law. SB 272 should be shelved as well and we urge Senator Hardy to follow suit and drop this bill.  Nevadans have no appetite for divisive bills like these that undermine the rights of our people,” said Tod Story, executive director.

“Whatever the reason for Assemblyman Nelson’s change of heart, his decision is a win for the rights and freedoms we enjoy in Nevada, and we applaud him for it.”