NEVADA – Today, a new national report was released examining the fairness of education funding across the country. Nevada received a failing grade.

“The ACLU of Nevada is deeply concerned about educational opportunities for all students, so it goes without saying that the results of this report are heartbreaking. A lack of adequate funding and resources have a real impact on students, translating into poor achievement, low graduation rates, and fewer opportunities as adults,” said Staci Pratt, Legal Director for the ACLU of Nevada.

The report, Is School Funding Fair? A National Report Card, examines each state’s level of commitment to equal educational opportunity, regardless of a student’s background, family income, or where she or he attends school. States are evaluated on four separate, but interrelated, funding “fairness indicators” – funding level, distribution, state fiscal effort, and coverage.

Nevada received an “F” in both state fiscal effort to fund public education based on our Gross Domestic Product and state funding distribution relative to student poverty. Nevada’s funding distribution for education is the most regressive in the nation. The poorest schools in Nevada receive 31% less funding than higher wealth districts.

“Nevadans know our education funding is inadequate for the 21st century, and this report is one more reminder of just how far we have to go to provide the equal opportunities and access to education that every one of our students deserve. The longer we delay funding education adequately, the worse off our students, business and the economy will be,” said Tod Story, ACLU of Nevada Executive Director.

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