CARSON CITY, NEVADA - Today the Nevada Assembly passed SJR 13, the proposal to amend the Nevada constitution to repeal the limitation on the recognition of marriage by a vote of 27-14, (1 excused). With this vote, Nevada clears the first hurdle to repealing its discriminatory marriage definition before voters will express their will on the ballot in 2016.

"With today's Assembly vote on SJR 13, a majority of Nevada's legislators moved Nevada closer to achieving marriage equality. Civil rights, equality and equal protection under the law are not reserved for select citizens, they are granted to every citizen in our country," said Tod Story, Interim Executive Director of the American Civil Liberties Union of Nevada. "This session's votes to send marriage equality to the voters remind us that every right established under the laws of Nevada and the United States must be extended to every citizen."

“This vote took the hard work of a diverse coalition of Nevada citizens who are extremely excited to see that we are well down the road to equality for all Nevadans,” said Vanessa Spinazola, Legislative Director. 

The ACLU of Nevada supported the Senate amendment to SJR 13, which reiterated the U.S. Constitutional protection of religions and their right to define and practice their doctrines as they see fit.