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LAS VEGAS, NV – Yesterday, the ACLU of Nevada joined President Obama at his announcement in Las Vegas, Nevada, and supports his appeal for urgent, comprehensive immigration reform.

“Reforming the United States immigration system is long overdue, but as we work to improve the U.S. immigration system we must respect the civil rights and liberties of all people living here and include all families,” said Tod Story, Interim Executive Director.

Aspiring citizens deserve a commonsense immigration process that upholds the values Americans share – hard work, taking care of our families and looking out for each other. Reforms must include a fair and time appropriate process for legalization with access to counsel in immigration proceedings and adequate mechanisms for individuals denied legalization to seek review in court.

“The dream that drives individuals and families to come to America should be available to all who desire a better life and opportunity. We must strive to remake our immigration system to be inclusive of those seeking to work, to join their loved ones, to expand their opportunities and to contribute to our country,” said Story.

The ACLU has released a framework for immigration reform available here (PDF).

The ACLU has been at the forefront of the immigrants’ rights movement for 25 years. In addition to advocating for a common-sense federal immigration plan, the ACLU has helped block most parts of the Arizona-style anti-immigrant laws, advocates against inhumane and abusive detention and deportation practices and continues to highlight a range of problems such as E-Verify.