Below is a press release from the Nevada Immigrant Coalition, of which the ACLU of Nevada is a member, regarding the important ruling regarding Arizona's SB1070 that is currently pending from the United States Supreme Court

United States Supreme Court ruling must strike down Arizona's immigration law, Senate Bill 1070

Arizona's callous immigration law legitimizes racial profiling and threatens the civil rights of all people in the US -- not just immigrants.

LAS VEGAS, NV - The Nevada Immigrant Coalition, comprising several grassroots organizations and community leaders, declare the anticipated Supreme Court ruling on Arizona’s immigration enforcement law, SB1070, to be of vital importance for the U.S. Constitution and to the national immigration debate. A decision on the Obama administration’s landmark legal challenge to SB1070 is imminent and expected maybe as soon as this coming Thursday, June 20.

This decision will be a significant indicator of the Supreme Court’s adherence to articles in the Constitution relating to the basic right to equal treatment and protection under the law, generally considered sacrosanct by the American public and definitive for what it means to be American. It will also delineate the extent to which individual states can engage in immigration enforcement, a practice that has to date, been the sole preserve of the federal government.

"Arizona seeks permission to pursue ordinary individuals who, other than lacking documentation, are law abiding residents, making a useful contribution to the economy.

Arizona’s SB 1070, infamously referred to as the “show me your papers” law, takes a sledgehammer to human rights, destroying what America has always been known for: a nation that prides itself on justice for all." Mario De La Rosa, PLAN organizer

The ruling on the provisions under consideration will have considerable impact on the civil rights movement of our time and will affect, probably, several generations to come:

  • Whether police in Arizona may have the power to stop, detain or arrest anyone when there is so called, “reasonable suspicion” that someone may be unlawfully present in the country. 
  • If warrantless arrests may be made when the police have “probable cause” to believe someone has committed a deportable offense.
  • If the lack of documentation and working or soliciting for work without authorization, is a criminal rather than a civil offence.

These laws not only legitimize racial profiling and set back civil rights, they also have negative effects on local economies. Once known for a state that welcomed foreign investors, Alabama’s reputation is suffering since it passed HB 56, a racially skewed law that has prompted the mass exodus of farm workers. Arizona, meanwhile, lost an estimated $145 million in convention business.

Full, or even partial, approval will undermine the principal of federal supremacy in setting immigration policy, and pose a serious threat to much needed and widely sought, nationwide, commonsense immigration reform.

Arizona has been “head on” with the federal government for two years now in its bid to take local action to significantly reduce the immigrant population in the state and bring about either voluntary or forced deportation of undocumented immigrants. Families will be split apart as many undocumented parents have children born in this country.

Arizona with its SB1070 was first in seeking to preempt federal immigration policy and operate what we see as: a nationally divisive set of state level immigration laws designed to target the immigrant community, apply deeply hostile policing practices and hound undocumented immigrants from the state.

Approval for Arizona’s challenge, could lead to a patchwork of 50 states each introducing their own immigration laws, some favoring immigrants and others prepared to instigate copycat, un-American practices in order to force their expulsion. Such disjointed policy would run totally contrary to the federal immigration goal: to deport those who present a real threat to America’s security.

Nevada Immigrant Coalition members
American Civil Liberties Union of Nevada 
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