Amid much controversy, the pressure continues to build against making REAL ID permanent in Nevada. The Legislative Committee to Review Regulations may be at its breaking point - but we need your help! Please call or email members of the Subcommittee, in addition to your own Senator and Assemblyperson, to urge them to vote against extending REAL ID in Nevada.

Let them know the following:I still do not support any form of REAL ID in Nevada and I urge you to reject it as well. REAL ID is an invasive de facto national identification card that still does not include adequate privacy protections and puts Nevadans’ due process rights at risk. I do not want REAL ID in any form - please step up and protect my rights.

After last week’s DMV hearing on the proposed revisions to REAL ID regulations (where there was not one person who spoke in favor of REAL ID), the Legislative Subcommittee to Review Regulations agreed to push back their hearing until this Monday, May 30th at 2 p.m. so that the DMV could put forward yet another version of the regulation. Unfortunately, this new version, which will be presented by the DMV on Friday, April 30th at 9 a.m., still does not protect Nevadans due process or privacy rights.

We urgently need you to reach out to the Subcommittee before Monday. If you have the time and are available to show up in person to the hearing on Monday, please do so. For more information about REAL ID and the fight we’ve been waging against it, please visit

Legislative Commission’s Subcommittee to Review Regulations

Phone Numbers:

  • Assemblyman Marcus Conklin-Chairman: 702-363-3885-w
  • Senator Maggie Carlton: 702-452-3619-w
  • Senator Steven Horsford: 702-985-7535-w
  • Senator Randolph Townsend: 775-954-2020-w; 775-825-5111-h; 775-771-1555-cell
  • Senator Maurice Washington: 775-331-3826-w
  • Senator Joyce Woodhouse: 702-896-1453-h
  • Assemblyman John Carpenter: 775-738-9861-w; 775-738-9861-h
  • Assemblywoman Marilyn Kirkpatrick: 702-655-0332-h; 702-767-1315-cell
  • Alternate: Assemblyman James Settelmeyer: 775-265-7739-h; 775-450-6114-cell

Email Addresses:,,,,,,,,