In a major development for Nevada’s legal prostitution industry, the Nevada State Board of Health adopted a Compliance Agreement on December 11th that opens the door to male sex workers at the Shady Lady Ranch, a licensed brothel in Nye County, near Beatty.

The Shady Lady was originally denied a request to authorize hiring male prostitutes because of an old Nevada Administrative Code provision which stated that all potential sex workers in legal brothels required medical screening that includes a cervical exam.

The ACLU of Nevada became involved because of the provision’s obvious violation of state and federal laws, which prohibit gender discrimination in employment. The State Board of Health, advised by the Attorney General’s office, ultimately agreed.

The new Compliance Agreement allows male sex workers to substitute a urethral exam for the cervical exam. The adopted agreement will remain in effect until the state law is formally revised.

The ACLU of Nevada hailed the decision as one that is sensible and fair. “We appreciate the efforts by the Board of Health and the Attorney General's office to work with us to correct this obvious oversight in the Code,” said Allen Lichtenstein, General Counsel.

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