In less than three weeks, Nevada will execute its first prisoner in more than a decade using an experimental drug combination.

The ACLU of Nevada is very worried. We need your help.

The state's plans for death row inmate Scott Dozier are truly troubling. Our state is going to use a never-before-used lethal injection combination to paralyze Mr. Dozier to death. From conversations in open court, we know that Nevada plans to use the dangerous opioid fentanyl to render the prisoner unconscious followed by a paralytic to freeze his respiratory system.

The state has refused to release other key details about its plans, so the public has no way to verify Mr. Dozier will not be awake when he is paralyzed. The potential for a torturous death or botched execution is very real.

Prisoners must not be used as guinea pigs as the state rushes to resume its execution program. The public must be allowed to ensure execution protocols do not violate the rights guaranteed under the United States and Nevada Constitutions.

We need your help to get Governor Sandoval to stop this execution. Please sign our petition to ask him to stop this cruel experiment.