On June 15, the ACLU of Nevada filed a friend of the court brief defending Clark County’s new coroner’s inquest process. The case is before the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals and is separate but related to the coroner’s inquest case that is currently before the Nevada Supreme Court in which the ACLU of Nevada also has friend of the court status.

A much improved coroner’s inquest process was implemented in Clark County in December 2010, and was challenged by the Las Vegas Police Protective Association shortly thereafter. The ACLU of Nevada is a staunch and vigorous advocate for reform of the inquest process and has been deeply involved in the efforts to reform the process. The ACLU of Nevada wants to ensure that the inquest process is fair to all parties and protects transparency. The new procedure provides multiple mechanisms to ensure that the inquest’s original purpose of providing transparency and building public trust in the police is met, while at the same time protecting the interests of all interested parties.

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