This week we're bidding farewell to a fabulous volunteer in the Las Vegas office, Bryn Esplin. Before she departs, we asked Bryn to tell us: what's your reason for supporting the ACLU? 

As an ACLU volunteer, I have a confession: My motive is purely egotistical. I find myself a member of many disparate groups, each with precarious associations, but discrimination and civil liberty infringement affects everyone, directly or indirectly.

I’m also a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and a devout liberal, which means, amongst other things, I’m well versed at reckoning seemingly opposed positions.

Las Vegas itself is vulnerable to such contradictions: At times overwhelmingly conservative, while brash and lewd at others, protecting our civil liberties takes a vigilant and multiplicitous approach.

From attempted censorship of school play content, stripper-mobiles on the boulevard, homelessness and second amendment rights, the ACLU of Nevada runs the gamut.

I couldn’t ask for better or more diverse volunteer experience, and in this city of wins and losses, I consider myself a lucky lady.


Bryn Esplin is a graduate of UC Berkeley and is currently contemplating a law career of her own.